Healthy fun

It’s all about bonding…

This is a beautiful alternative way for friends to come together, celebrate and play. A wedding is a significant event in a girls life and with a Yoga session you have a chance to welcome the new beginning and say good by to the single life.

Surrounded by friends, you can broaden your appreciation of lifelong relationships, creating stronger emotional connections by sharing precious time together in a soothing environment.

There are many locations within the Forest which we will immediately inspire you and begin a journey that you will cherish and remember for the rest of your life. We are more than happy to help you select one or come to the one you have chosen.

The Yoga…simple but effective, for all levels

You will practice Assanas (positions) that are suitable for everyone’s level of ability, from the very beginner to the advanced, integrating deep breathing techniques along with powerful visualisation guidance from Elvira. This promotes the release of natural hormones that instigate relaxation and a positive state of mind.
You can trust that Elvira will concentrate on the specific needs of your group and its dynamic, taking you on a soulful journey that everyone will never forget.