I began my Yoga journey at the Sivananda Centre in San Francisco, where I received my teacher training certificate. Alongside this, I practiced Tai Chi Ch’uan with Professor Kuo Lin Ying at the Academy of Kung-fu, which led to featured articles about my skills in the Inside Kung-Fu magazine alongside Bruce Lee. Both these disciplines helped me to understand the relationship between deep relaxation, physical stamina and creative thinking.

After meeting my life partner Elvira in Athens, we both began investing time into our Yoga practice with regular attendance at the Sivananda Centre in Putney, which we mixed with classes taught by Mike Saunders at the Hogarth Health Club in Chiswick. After Elvira received her teaching certificate from Sivananda, she started her teaching career in London, becoming the first Yoga teacher at the first David Lloyd Club in Heston. She quickly became popular and undertook positions at the Holmes Place Clubs, Champney’s in Piccadilly and the Civil Service Club in Westminster, among many others.

As a Californian, I was attracted to the rich greenery and sandy beaches of the New
Forest area and we re-located our work there, starting up newforestyoga.com while
continuing our teaching relationship with the David Lloyd chain of clubs in Bournemouth,
Ringwood and Southampton, eventually expanding into into the Herb House Spa in
Lyndhurst and the Village Hotel Leisure Club in Bournemouth.

My style of Yoga teaching is very moderate and strength based, as I train regularly with weights and aerobic equipment. I have two Masters Degrees in writing, which means that I have a very descriptive and precise style of instruction, which makes it very easy to follow along. If you are all unsure about starting Yoga or are worried about the level of your capability, you will feel quite relaxed and comfortable attending my classes.

My philosophy is close to that of Elvira. I want you to enjoy the positions, seek comfort from the asanas and find the contentment that comes by focusing on your breathe.

I teach you to control the diaphragm for the purpose of invigorating the system, releasing the natural hormones which brings about the sense of wellness and rejuvenation produced by good Yoga practice. The goal is to experience deeper levels of relaxation so that your practice grows and your relationship with Yoga becomes more profound.


The first part of my life was occupied with being an actress in Athens where I received my training at the Hatzikou Drama College.  Movement was an integral part of my education there, as it forms so much a part of traditional Greek drama and I developed a passion for it.

After meeting my life partner David on a film set in Athens, we moved together to London and I began training at the Sivananada Yoga Centre in Putney, progressing through all of the 6 modules and concluding with the teacher training course.

Teaching opportunities opened up immediately and I was blessed with classes at Champneys in Piccadilly, the Westminster Civil Service ClubHolmes Place in Barbican and Ealing, the David LLoyd Club Heston and the lovely New Chiswick Pool, where I was the first teacher to place Yoga on the timetable.

Feeling a need to be closer to nature, we re-located to the New Forest and started newforestyoga.com with classes at David Lloyd Bournemouth, Ringwood and Southampton.

I was asked to participate in a research studies into the effects of regular Yoga practice on diabetics at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital under the guidance of Dr David Kerr which proved that quality of life can be improved by diabetics with regular Yoga practice. I continued to develop Yoga programmes at the hospital afterwards that promoted healing with patients recovering from cancer surgery and fibromyalgia.

On a sabbatical to California for a year, I studied Power Yoga and started teaching at the Big Horn, Vintage and the Westin Mission Hills Spa Resorts in the beautiful Coachella Valley, home to Palm Springs and Palm Desert.

On my return to the New Forest, I became certified by the Independent Yoga Network as a Yoga Elder as a result of the extensive experience I had gained to date as a teacher.  With this in hand, I started a teacher training school with a residential on the Island of Naxos which also served as the location for New Forest Yoga Holidays.

Having finished two MA degrees in Performance and Screenwriting, David wrote and produced two new Yoga videos which we released into the market featuring our style of Yoga –

Revitalising Yoga alongside an innovative approach to practicing Yoga in the workplace – Office Yoga 3D. This eBook is about to be released featuring innovative Motion Capture animation technology used in many Hollywood films to demonstrate how to practice in an office setting.

Between the two of us, we constantly strive to keep our classes fresh and interesting, introducing new asanas, breathing techniques and music to every session we teach.

My teaching philosophy is quite simple and straightforward.  I seek to impart the deepest understanding of safe Yoga practice that’s mindful and revitalising, bringing strength and contentment to everyone.