Meditation has been learnt by vast numbers of people around the world, for thousands of years.

People learn meditation for many different reasons – to find peace, calm and stability; to become more aware of themselves and their interaction with others; to improve their health; to improve their mental capacity; to find time for themselves; to meditate in the peaceful company of others…….

There are many valid reasons why a person would want to meditate and one of its many beauties is that as your meditation practice becomes established, you start to realise how many more there are.

Meditation is easy to learn. Once learnt, it is something you can access easily for the rest of your life, at any time you choose. It is empowering – you don’t need to pay out money each week; you don’t need to travel anywhere; there’s no equipment or fees – in fact, all you need is a little time each day (just 10 minutes a day is beneficial).

In this class, you will learn the basics that lead to a fruitful and rewarding meditation session interspersed with quick, light, easy Yoga asanas that are designed to release and relax the body.

Many people find it difficult to sit for long periods of time and integrating Yoga into the sessions will give you a chance to ease yourself into longer and longer Meditation sequences. Typically, we will start with 5’ of Meditation at a time and mix this with longer sessions of Yoga. Eventually, we will reverse this and the Meditation practice will be longer that the Yoga practice.

David has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 1969 and has a lot of experience teaching both Meditation & Yoga. The sessions will be structured to build a foundation for the practice of Meditation along with an awareness of how practice can be enhanced with different props, settings and music.