Bed & Breakfast
3 Dinners
10 Yoga Classes
5 Meditations
Guided Tour
Transportation to/from Port of Naxos


Situated amongst the Cyclades Islands near Mykonos and Santorini, the island features a range of high mountains which provides fresh water for the rich fields that produce an abundance of fruits and vegetables.  This helps to keep the island self-sufficient and allows for a modest level of tourism, leaving the pristine beaches uncrowded and the roads free from traffic. Because of the amount of local farming, the taverna’s feature a fabulous range of fresh produce that never fails to please while also maintaining a quality of charm and hospitality.

This is a very traditional island where you can experience the Mediterranean life-style; sitting in front of the sea sipping a coffee and admiring the beauty of the ancient Venetian castle in the central town of Chora.  We take frequent trips there by coach, which picks us up outside the Plaza Beach Hotel, that sits opposite one of the best beaches.  The town is riddled with ancient pathways which wind around underneath buildings that hug the castle that sits on top of a hill.  Excellent shops line the pathways featuring local artisans whose jewellery, sculptures and paintings are unique and of very high quality. This smooth faced figure on the left being one of their most famous images of antiquity.

We start the day early with an elective silent walk along the beach at around 6:30am, then Yoga practice outside till 9:00, followed by a breakfast buffet of fruits, eggs, cereals, yogurt, honey, breads, juices, teas and coffees.  We have a strong     practice session after lunch at 5:30 and sometimes finish on the warm sand dunes for final relaxation.

In the evenings, many of us like to go into Chora to shop, listen to music and take a evening meal in the warmth of the evening night.  There are lot of cultural events to enjoy as well as many sites of antiquity, as you would expect from Greece.

If your partner does not practice Yoga, they will find plenty of activities to keep them occupied, from pedal bikes to scooters, water skiing, windsurfing, snorkelling or just relaxing by the pool.  We all sit together at mealtimes so that everyone feels included and shares the holiday together as much as possible.

The main idea is to enjoy Yoga in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, swim in the crystal clear sea and eat fresh, wholesome food with friends and have a stimulating cultural experience while getting plenty of rest.